Born in Australia I spent my early childhood in a regional City called Sale.  My father was for a number of years the City Mayor as well as owning a furniture manufacturing business and retail stores.  I learned from an early age the value of work and the responsibility of giving to the community.

At the age of 7, I performed my first solo work as a Soprano before an audience of 1,000 people in the City of Melbourne.  This became an important part of my life and still is today.  I went on to sing in Choirs in Choral competitions and to perform before audiences accross the Country.  My path in music led me to learn a number of musical instruments and of course how to read and write music.  My singing path has led me to some of the finest voice teachers in the World.  My last and I must say greatest singing professor was in New York. His name was Franco Iglasies.  Franco was one of the best voice teachers in the World and is still today recognized as such.  He had an amazing ability of being able to increase a vocalists range.  One of his students was Placido Domingo.  Placido had a natural Baritone voice and it was Franco who at the begining of Placido's career before an audition in Tel Aviv, Israel, trained Placido to reach the high notes required of a Tenor.  At that time Placido Domingos range didnt quit make it to a high C and it was the work of Franco that got him there.  To this day they remain friends.  Well I spent 5 days a week for 5 years training with Franco in New York.  At the time he wanted me to pursue a career in Opera but it wasnt a career in music I was interested in.  It was the art itself.  Making music that was my love.  Later on I went on to learn dance.  I became proficient in Argentinian Tango and Classical Ballet.  While living in Miami I trained rigorously at the Miami City Ballet.  My love of music and my ability to translate music into movemet is what gave me and still gives me such enjoyment in dance. 

My education led me to learning Economics and Psychology in College.  My interests were eclectic and I found myself reading and studying everything I could get my hands on.  During the last years of College I taught myself computer programming which led me to found my first company.  It was caled Comuting 2000 Corporation.

With Comuting 2000 Corporation I went on to develop the World's first database of the English language along with creating the Worlds first plain english query language for databse searching years before there was a Yahoo or Google.  My expertise and creativity lead me to be at the forefront of electronic publishing in the early 90's.  I entered into the first electronic licensing agreement Simon & Schuster ever wrote.  This agreement gave me the rights to electronicly publish the Websters Dictionary.  Which I did and it was the first online Dictionary created and available in the United States.  My expertise in mainframe database systems led me to create an education based dial up database service for schools using Apple I computers and 300 baud dial up modems.  This was in 1993 and pre-dated the internet as we know it today.  Unfortunately the Investment Bankers at the time thought I was crazy when I told them I wanted to create a public access database service that people could dial up for research from their homes.  Everyone of them thought I had lost my mind if I ever had one to begin with.  Truthfully I must have sounded a little crazy when I told these people that "every home" was going to have a computer and that children will do most of the learning searching online databases.  And when I told them in the mid 90's that people will be buying airline tickets and just about everything else on these home computer things, well I can understand how it was all too much for them.

During this time I set up computer communications with schools in Long Island, New York, Moscow and Sydney, Australia using a USA defense contractors satelite links.  Many people may not know but the public internet was buit on the military communication network that was developed by the United States to provide communication for military operations around the world.  It had redundancy and backup nodes to even survive a nuclear war.  Well that was the plan anyway.  Well it was this military communication infrastructure that I used while in my 20's to establish what was one of the worlds first displays of public social networking and emailing.  The chidren in these schools of course were amazed at being able to talk with other children instanty around the World.  Little did they realize that what they were doing was years ahead of its time and would become common place

It was to bad that at the time no one would listen to a kid in their 20's.   Although I received media coverage and pats on the back from Politicians no one realy understood what I was about and what I truly saw could be done.  So I ended up selling my first computer company.  After spending time wondering what to do with myself and being restricted for 7 years from working in the computer business in Australia because of the non-compete agreement I signed when I sold my company, I ended up taking a divergent path.

In the mid 90's I founded a property development company called Asset Developments.  This company went onto being a highly profitable property company specializing on creating land subdivisions.  The last and very profitabe development I did was in Australia's national Capital, Canbera.  The estate was a land subdivision with five mile of road and was called "Clair Valley Estates".  Using Television advertising, which by the way I scripted and produced, I was able to sell this 1,000 acre subdivision out in four months in the middle of a property recesion.  The prices achieved were local records.

Having become bored with property development I was itching for another challenge.  So yet again I took a very divergent path.  This time I created and founded an international passenger airline called Australia Air. Two years of battling with the Australian Government I walked away with the exclusive air passenger rights as the first privately owned Australian Airline for flights between Australia and China.  This business was a tremendous experience on a number of levels.  I enjoyed participating in international treaty negotiations between the Departments of Foreign Affairs in Australia and China.  I enjoyed the logistical and organizational challenges of building a passenger airline from the ground up.  And I enjoyed silly things like being involved in the designing of the employees uniforms.  However the behind the scenes intrigue and dirty tricks by some International Airlines who didnt want my airline to succeed was not fun.  So after achieving what I set about to do and that was to found the airline and to break the monopoly the Australian Government owned airline had on international passenger flights, I decided to exit the aviation industry.

My first love apart from the arts and sciences was technology.  So I went back to what I enjoyed and what gave me the best outlet for my creativity while giving me the challenging stimulus that I now realized I needed and was a part of me.  I set about writing new Patents that I filed in 1999 and that five and six years later became issued patents in the United States.  To this day I am working on these inventions with a number of new products about to be launched that will revolutionize many industry's.