Chaya Coleena Hendrick
President & CEO
SmartMetric, Inc.
SmartMetric, Inc. was formed following the invention in 1999 by Chaya Coleena Hendrick, of various methodologies and electronic products using DataCards the size of credit cards for a range of functions including the use of the invented technology in the Banking Industry, Secure ID Industry and Health Records Management sector.  

Realizing the need for greater security of credentials, wether they be Credi Cards, Health Insurance Cards, Employee Identity and Access Control Cards or Government issued credentials such as Passports, ID Cards or Drivers Licences.  Chaya Coleena Hendrick set about to create what was considered at the time an impossibility, a credit card sized card with an inbuilt biometric fingerprint scanner for activating and authenticating the user holding the Card.  

To achieve this, Chaya Coleena Hendrick, set her intellectual talents on reducing current electriconic components including such things as a fully operational computer processor to x 1,000 reduction in current size so as to fit inside a credit card.  This is only one of many electronic components that had to be significantly reduced to achieve the goal if putting a fully functional, self contained, internally powered, fingerprint reader inside a card the exact thickness and size of a credit card. 

Using a small team of engineers Chaya Coleena Hendrick directed all aspects of the Research & Development mission including inventing new solutions and processes to overcome the many challenges. 

Overcoming challenges using skill, peserverance and intellect is what Chaya Coleena Hendrick excels in.  

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