Chaya Coleena Hendrick

President & CEO
SmartDatatel, Inc.

SmartDatatel, Inc. is a technology company founded by Chaya Coleena Hendrick in 2011.  The company is registered in the State of Nevada and is at this point in time an unlisted public company.
The business of SmartDatatel is in the field of connective devices that allow for secure transactions and the safe pasage of data between devices.  Using its technology, SmartDatatel has under development and will be soon manufacturing and selling a range of state of the art devices that will provide the next generation of security to many mobile systems including SmartPhones, Pads and Portable computers.
SmartDatatel product line is the result of the inventiveness of its founder, Chaya Coleena Hendrick.  The other comany she founded and that is publicly traded, SmartMetric, Inc. has as its focus on biometric activated cards.  SmartMetric's manufacturing requires specialized purpose built assembly machinery and as a result SmartMetric has had to make its own fabrication plant which is in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  SmartDatatel, Inc. on the other hand, for its products, does not require specialy designed manufacturing plant so it is able to have its product manufacturing done using standard electronic assembly, plastic manufacture and regular mass production processes.
The engineering for SmartDatatel, Inc. is direced by Chaya Coleena Hendrick with support engineering from its offices in Israel and the United States.  Product release is scheduled for the second quarter, 2012.
Exact details of the products under developmen by SmartDatatel are not made public as yet.  The company upon releasing details of its first product release will at the same time file a registration statement with the SEC to provide for the listing and public trading of its shares in the United States.