Chaya Coleena Hendrick

President & CEO
AmericaSouthMining, Inc.

AmericaSouthMining, Inc. is an exploration and mining company with its primary focus on oil exploration both on shore and offshore in Argentina.
Negotiations are under way for the securing of exploration rights in a part of the World that holds enermous prospects for high grade oil production. 
AmericaSouthMining, Inc. is a result of the experience and expertise developed by its founder, Chaya Coleena Hendrick in the mining industry in Australia.  Coming from a country that is one of the largest mining countrys in the world, her expertise and knowledge is being put to use in isolating and exploring a region of the World that is about to become one of the next generation great oil producers.
Already within less then 50 miles off the Argentinian coast, a recent oil well has revealed oil reserves that experts say will be at least three times the size of the North Sea Oil fields.  To the north of Argentina and in the same geological line, Brazil has recently discovered off shore oil that some are saying could rival the middle east.
AmericaSouthMining is moving agresively forward in exploring for oil in one of the most exciting new oil regions of the world.
Bellow is a picture of an exploration rig that has discovered oil reportedly greater than 3 times the size of the North Sea Oil fields.